Friday, 12 November 2010

Diary of a Start-Up: An idea is born

The tech world can often get carried away with itself, future proofing this, mitigating that and has been prone to look forward in my opinion, too progressively. Over innovation has been the downfall of many a venture – sometimes a concept can be just too ‘out there’ no matter in reality, how great it really is.

So, on a cold December evening I did the almost unthinkable – I read a book. Being something of a seminal text for any advertising exec worth his salt, Thaler and Sunstein’s ‘Nudge’ is without doubt a fantastic read. It was on page 48 of what can be a heavy read that an idea struck me.

Having worked with tech companies across London for the past couple of years to help them raise finance, I had evidenced the power of social networks. The desire to create and build something of my own has always been inherent within and like a literal light bulb being shot with light, the concept hit me:
If we can design a way that encourages people to save in the 21st Century, we can help people to get the things they really want without using credit to do so which has got us into part of the mess we are in.

I plan to use this blog as a starting point to capture this journey wherever it leads us. Moreover, it will show (hopefully) the value of working with quality people, illustrate the challenges a small start-up in the UK faces and prove to the naysayers who doubt and begrudge innovation that bringing a dream to life is possible.

Any comments you wish to leave are appreciated, positive or otherwise.

Looking forward to updating you regularly in the future.



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