Diary of a Start-up: Believe

Yesterday I met my good friend Jack Mcmanus and his lovely fiancee (plus Harry the dog!) for breakfast. In a moment of spontaneity about a month ago, Jack went to get the above tattoo. I had to take a photo of it as it sums up perfectly the approach required in life in general - particularly in the early days of a start-up. As a recording artist (and a burgeoning digital media entrepreneur also), we had a long chat about how believing in oneself is absolutely integral to success.

The naysayers will always try to critcise, negate and generally rain on the parade of people trying new things. Here at Project S we are trying something different. We aren't totally sure how we will get there yet (although the business plan does provide a good road map) but maintaing belief that we WILL arrive where we want to be - thousands of users on the platform, using it to help them manage their lives better - will happen.

We are at a point where we need to better structure our team and an action plan. Having belief that we can do this is important as between us, we all know this can work. Simple blog really with a simple message - if you lose belief, you lose everything. The sun will shine and hay will be made....one day hopefully very soon!