Diary of a Start-up: Dancing with no music

Stretching on the gym floor last night, I noticed a man in the corner breakdancing. The moves he were pulling of were fantastic and very impressive but something was missing - music! He was clearly dancing to his own tunes from his iPod but at 40ft away, I couldn't hear a thing!

Despite having some great moves, it did look slightly strange as nobody around could relate to the guy because they couldn't hear the music. Without getting too 'Will Self' like on you all and diving into deep metaphors, a couple of things did hit me as I watched (jealously)!

1. Dancing to your own tune is hard and people may laugh at you. Setting up a business at the best of times can often feel like an uphill struggle, especially in the direly pessimistic UK, and people seem to almost be willing you to fail. We have had some good movement at Project S this week with our IT team on the cusp of revealing the 'profiles' pages that they've been working on for the past few weeks. This leads me to my second 'Selfism' that:

2. Dancing to your own tune whilst nobody else can hear it is even more difficult! At its heart, we are trying to build a brand from scratch. Our business is hugely dependent upon garnering support from our target market and hooking them into our brand. In pure openness, the sole purpose of this blog is to promote the business. The tough bit is that I have the headphones plugged in and you don't! It's tough to look in onto an opaque business with an evangelical goal of 'helping people save more money' and be supportive but those of you still reading - your interest is greatly appreciated!

As such, when we receive the next brand concepts from our designers, I will post them online to gauge who likes what and where you feel the brand should go.

I know we're dancing to our own tune at the moment but soon, we will be blaring out the music from the speakers of Project S loud and proud!

James Wallington