Diary of a Start-up: Enthusiasm required

Starting a business is schizophrenic. It is exciting at the same time as it's frustrating at the same time as it's terrifying.

Will it work? Are we wasting time? This will work! We're going to make it! You are hit by an ongoing dichotomy of emotions with the trick being simply, to rise above it. Without getting too cliched, the power of positive thought is infective. In the last week we have progressed the business further than we seemingly have in the last three months.

That's not strictly true as Dave and I have invested a lot of time meeting with lawyers, looking at legalities, liaising with the FSA but tangibly, we had nothing. This week, Project S has tendered and received brand ideas, the website has started to take shape and the mechanics behind the website have become visibly functional.

The meeting at lunch today will see us structure the flow of the website which we need to use as a template for our web development team.