Diary of a Start-up: Wheels in Motion!

Any youngster today should read the (slightly cheesy, but inspiring) 'Art of the Deal' by Donald J.Trump. His wealth to wealth tale revolves around high flying property deals and sky-scrapping developments but each project always begins with the simple and symbolically important step: breaking ground.

Today, it thrills me to report that we have officially broken ground on our website.

Having worked hard for the past four months, Dave and I have set nearly everything in place on the legal side of things. It remains now, to build the site and our Head of Development has stepped up to the plate and begun to develop some great framework for us.

This is a momentous day in the life of Project S. We are a step closer to helping people change the way they view savings and the way they use and spend money. The dream that until today had been only alive in paper and in mind has finally taken a giant leap forward into putting the digital equivalent of pen to paper.

Happy weekend!