Diary of a Start-Up: Early start, great meeting!

The early bird catches the worm so they say. If today is anything to go by then that adage is true. Dave and I met this morning to make a detailed plan of the next steps involved. Another old adage says that talk is cheap and I couldn't agree more with that. Action is the only thing that matters. We have been talking about this venture since before Christmas and whilst we've put a lot of time into it, we have little to show. This morning meeting will change that dramatically.

The plan is simple. Whipped up on Dave's MacBook pro, we have two key next steps that we will have tangible results for by next Thursday.

1. Brand brief to be completed and sent to brand designers
From this, we expect to receive a variation of themes and logos linked to the businesses objectives.

2. Develop a beta website on the back of this branding. Until we have something visual, tangible to click on and use, we have nothing. A template ho
Homepage will craft the foundation and flow of the rest of the site. Following this, we will build the map for the site.

Exciting stuff, the main point being that action is everything.

Bring on next Thursday!