Letter from Amoo VC Advisory: Our Blog 2.0

Dear Blog Readers,

We would like to inform you of a couple of minor changes to our blog.

Not too long ago, we successfully migrated all our blog content from amoomedia.blogspot.com to blog.amoo.co.uk. The new site is easier to remember as well as more consistent with our brand identity.

Coming soon to our blog will be profile interviews featuring founders of brand new companies we feel the public should watch out for (Tag: Startup)!

Also, some days ago we launched "Diary of a Start-up" including backdated posts chronicling a very promising money saving start-up we are fortunate to be involved with (Tag: Diary of a Start-up).

We will continue to publish fact sheets on VCs (Tag: Venture Capital), notable technology ventures that have been through funding (Tag: Technology), thoughts/musings from yours truly and my colleagues, and other original content.

Our posts have been created internally by the hard-working people at Amoo (shout outs to James, Shakib, Kim, Farouk, Shillat, and Ridwan). However, if you want to contribute a guest post, or have a burning topic you would like us to write about, please let us know.

Best wishes,