Diary of a Start-up: Collaboration

We've just finished a nightime conference call between our web developer, our video producer and one of our directors of the company. The purpose of the call was a fun one, to establish the type of character, the look and feel of the cartoon, that we wish to run with in our explanatory video.

It made me realise how privileged I am to be working with such talented people that will give up their time to be part of this journey. The speed of progress has of late, been incredible. We have battled hard to build the 'skeleton' of the site and finally, the bone structure is nearly now in place. Collaborating and discussing concepts, ideas and visions with talented people is what business is about - it's what makes it fun. Anyone that says they can run a business on their own is talking nonsense and the call reminded me of that fact. Too many businesses rule from the top-down, enforcing decisions that have been made 'above' onto the staff below. In my subjective opinion, collaboration is the absolute key. Diversity of thought, conflicting views and difference of opinion is all part of the process that builds a company and helps to solve challenges.

We have to choose from one of 24 sketches putt together by Andy Hammond (www.andrewhammond.co.uk) who will then turn our whimsical thoughts into a scripted animation. Collaboration across the channel is a large reason for going ahead with the video, having taken inspiration from our fantastic friends in the states, StellaService.

Any comments on which characters we should run with from the below much appreciated! We are moving into the testing stage this week which within two to three weeks should lead to our Beta launch. It's exciting times at Project S....thanks for reading!