A Year (And A Day)

I remember the evening I finally got round to incorporating Amoo Holdings Limited like it was yesterday. This was just after a disagreement with a business partner and a very long email that left me feeling raw. Funny how the challenging incidents in life tend to elicit stronger and more sustained positive reactions from us. To this day, I am actually grateful to him and the events that led up to pulling my finger out and finally registering Amoo, nearly 16 months after I first decided that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Yesterday, we had an Amoo team & alumni dinner and drinks where I reminded the team of our real age. A couple of us hadn't even realised! It was great to hang with a hard-working bunch of individuals with amazing personality, drive and ambition. Naunidh, Linda, Shakib, Enock, Thiago, Ronan, James, and myself enjoyed the party at Primo Bar in Waterloo where we were serenaded with music from the wonderful Fil Straughan singing "Happy Birthday A-moo" and "Saving All Our Love For Amoo".

It filled me with content to observe how much each individual had grown personally and professionally since we first met. It has been a long challenging journey with tremendous sacrifice from the team, sleepless nights, 25-hour days, sometimes at the expense of my personal health, however last night reminded me why many of the decisions thus far have been pretty good calls.

Yes, we are officially a year and a day old! Like children who continue to fascinate adults by their keenness to remind them of the extra quarter or half year to their age, businesses too like to remind partners and clients just how much they have grown. Happy 1st Birthday to Amoo Venture Capital Advisory! Thanks to all for being part of this journey. We are in the people business and healthy open relationships are at the core of our success.