Digital Bricks And Mortar

Having a website is akin to setting up a market stall - it is just the beginning of the trading process. One still has to stock one's stall, make sure what is being sold is visible (and obvious) to passerbys, promote the stall, and then sell! The internet parallel is putting up enough information and calls to action on one's website, optimising one's website to be 'visible' to search engines (SEO), making it user-friendly to visitors, and following up on your visitors' response to your calls to action.

It is not sufficient for your corporate website to be your entire digital marketing strategy. Social networks including blogs, discussion forums, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are relevant to most businesses. However, this is clearly to varying degrees depending on the nature of one's business.

Most would agree that the days of conducting a business without having a website are truly over. What is becoming more evident is that a website only scratches the surface. Your future employees, clients, board advisors and suppliers will not only Google you to find your website - they also check the rest of the internet for your digital footprint. This new paradigm was the inspiration for us to invite NeonDrum to our inaugural Amoo Booster Series event to talk about online PR. As experts in the online PR space, they promise to share tips that would make a difference to your business.

Event information and links to complimentary tickets are available below:

Address: Marks and Clerk LLP, 90 Long Acre, WC2E 9RA
Date: Thursday 26th, January 2012
Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm