Monday, 25 February 2013

place4BRICS: Enterprise Software and Apps

By Godman Usman (Analyst)
On the 20th February 2013, at the Goodman Derrick LLP head office in the City of London, the teams at Amoo Venture Capital Advisory, Goldenhill International M&A Advisers and Goodman Derrick LLP were delighted to host a group of expert panelists and over 60 delegates at the final event in our booster series.
The event kicked off with a silent fathom presentation
from Nzube Ufodike (@nzube), Managing Director of Amoo Venture Capital Advisory which lasted 32 seconds (a new record and I suspect a personal best); this was followed by presentations from the expert panel: David Gildeh (@dgildeh), Founder of Sambastream (acquired by Alfresco), Francesco Bovoli (@francescobovoli), CTO from Ideaplane (was acquired by Workshare), and William Berrington, Partner from Goldenhill International M&A Advisers. Each panelist discussed several topics central to enterprise growth, funding and strategic decision-making for tech start-ups.
David Gildeh delivered an insightful keynote presentation on the importance of strategic decision-making for tech start-ups; he pinpointed the need for tech companies to harness their capacity to maintain agility.
Francesco Bovoli began by explaining his journey with his company from founding (pre and post buyout) to exiting. He also noted the unmatched potential of starting-up in London compared to other major cities in Europe.
William Berrington discussed the challenges and criteria investors experienced and considered when engaging tech entrepreneurs particularly with ex-ante funding/exit scenarios.
Thereafter a stimulating panel discussion ensued. The panel emphasised the strategic importance founders can play in running tech start-ups ex-post funding/exit events. The discussion was followed by a lively Q&A session with the audience. One of the hot debating points mentioned by David Gildeh and others in the audience was the need for UK tech entrepreneurs to learn from the leading US tech companies by nurturing longer-term business horizons especially when sourcing funding.
The pitch competition followed the Q & A session with each participant allocated a 2 minute timeslots. Harry Bennett of Vonacall won the best pitch and was awarded an f6s silver card. f6s is an online global platform that provides startups with essential resources that accelerate growth. The silver card gives Harry over $200K in free stuff from 300+ companies! The evening ended with refreshments courtesy of Goodman Derrick LLP.
The delegates, many of whom are budding and established entrepreneurs and financiers themselves, felt that events like these not only provide a fantastic networking platform for entrepreneurs to gain insight into raising venture capital, but also for investors interested in understanding the businesses entrepreneurs are seeking to develop further.


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