August 2013 Updates

by Nzube Ufodike, MD at Amoo

We had a record period. In the last month, we signed letters of engagements with three (yes 3) new clients for advisory mandates. This is up from an average of 1 new advisory mandate every 6-8 weeks. We would like to thank a media company, a Spanish company, and a private wealth entrepreneur who each entrusted us with nurturing their projects with business planning, market entry and feasibility assessment reports respectively. 

In related news, I was also privileged to be invited to sit on the advisory board of the media company and will accept their offer. Not only are they a fantastic team to work with but sitting on their board will also give me a great opportunity to leverage and capitalise on my existing creative network. It is all about cross-fertilisation.

Our team has been restructured to better position Amoo for the next phase of our growth and business development. We would like to welcome Dr Jean-Marc Depinay  to the team as our interim Investment Director. He is a finance professional with 10+ years experience in risk management and business development. Strong financial modelling and valuation skills - extensive doctoral research in applied mathematics and computer sciences at a top French university combined with Master of Finance degree from University of Cambridge. He has accepted a role as an interim Investment Director and will commence his engagement with Amoo later this month.

A big shout out to Mr Dipam Patel who also just joined Amoo as a sales and research analyst and has has hit the ground running! He is a co-owner and founder of an online retail business specialising in selling European car parts. Wait for it, he actually began this business while doing his A' Levels grew it from nothing to become one of the largest stores on eBay within that niche! 

We would also like to say goodbye to Dr Alexey Buditskiy who recently stepped down from Amoo to focus on a new project. We appreciate his valuable contribution to the business and wish him every success in his venture.

A warm welcome to new clients and team members to the Amoo family!