The Tech Trailblazers Awards extends entry deadline to 26th September 2013

Due to some exciting new partnerships and sponsors supporting the Tech Trailblazers Awards the entry deadline has been extended to the 26th September 2013.

As a result of some major new partners coming on board, we are offering entrants a collective prize pot (worth an estimated $50,000), that includes products and services to help startups with the new business and networking, PR and marketing, mentoring and investment tools that they need for success.

Just some of the names supporting this year’s Tech Trailblazers awards includes GigaOM, IPExpo, the GSMA, VMware, to name a few.  You can see the full list of partners here, and a full list of prizes can be found by clicking here.

In addition, for any startups able to attend IP Expo 2013 in London on 16th-17th October 2013 you can meet the Tech Trailblazers team at the startup Futures Den, powered by the Tech Trailblazers Awards. You will be able to find out more about the awards, the Tech Trailblazer industry partners and sponsors and get information on how they are supporting the global startup environment.

What are you waiting for? Enter now! 

About the Tech Trailblazers Awards

Tech Trailblazers is a new concept in awards, designed explicitly for smaller businesses and startups that are five years old or less and at C-series funding or below. The awards have low barriers to entry and prizes that not only recognize startup innovation, but also proactively help startups grow their businesses with access to exclusive coaching, mentoring and development and prizes. The awards include the following categories:
  •        Big Data Trailblazers
  •        Cloud Trailblazers
  •        Emerging Markets Trailblazers
  •        Mobile Trailblazers
  •        Networking Trailblazer
  •        Security Trailblazers
  •        Storage Trailblazers
  •        Sustainable IT Trailblazers
  •    Virtualization Trailblazers
In addition to the above categories, all entrants are automatically entered into the Regional Trailblazers Cup competition free of charge. The Regional Cups include:
  •        African and Middle East Trailblazers Cup
  •        Asian-Pacific Trailblazers Cup
  •        European Trailblazers Cup
  •        Latin American Trailblazers Cup
  •        North American Trailblazers Cup
Tech Trailblazers Contact

David Shannon
Omarketing (For the Tech Trailblazers Awards)
UK: +44 (0)208 255 5225
US: +1 781 519 0275