“Pitch For the Win” - Amoo’s inaugural start-up event hosted by Goodman Derrick LLP

On Tuesday December 10th 2013 Amoo hosted the first in their series of 'public office hours'. The event format allowed six pre-selected start-ups to pitch their top inhibiting issue to an audience and panel of distinguished individuals with a broad range of professional expertise within the start-up sector covering legal, fundraising, advisory and entrepreneurship.
The inaugural panel consisted of: 
Highlights of the evening included a highly energetic pitch by Carl Thomas from Audiowings. Certainly his enthusiasm generated a great deal of interest and feedback from both the panel and crowd. However the pitchers came armed with a range of engaging issues about either their businesses, highlighting challenges with their business model; their USP; existing supplier arrangements and of course funding.

The key takeaway for perhaps all the participating start-ups that evening was the clarity that came from both the panel and audience feedback regarding the inevitable dichotomy entrepreneurs face between spending greater focus and time on organically growing their businesses over a longer period against spending time inorganically growing their businesses via seeking capital injection.

The clear message from the first 'public office hours' event for start-up entrepreneurs was the collective belief from the panel that entrepreneurs should aim to spend as much time as possible in doing what they do best, i.e. developing the business, building the IP and brand, whilst utilising the strength of advisors such as Amoo to further develop stakeholder relationships plus investor interests. 

The evening was a great success and the team at Amoo would like to thank Goodman Derrick LLP for hosting the event at their City offices. In addition thanks go out to the panel and all the start-ups involved. Finally many thanks to those members of the audience that attended.
Incidentally if you were unable to make the event, you can watch the event in full at: http://bambuser.com/v/4173105.


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