We ❤ Feedback

Last week I received an email from a former colleague that inspired this post. From clients to colleagues, we strive for mutual (commercial) terms of engagement at Amoo; we love adding value to partnerships we commit to.

Many a time, it feels like we are learning on the job. Furthermore, the process often involves some friction however, like steel smelted and forged into a practical tool, the end result is that we hammer out a deliverable that leaves both parties smiling. Those moments are priceless.

If you don't believe me, you may read some of our client testimonials here. The excerpt (edited to preserve confidentiality) below is from the original email that left us feeling warm and fuzzy :-)

Hello Nzube,

How are you doing ?

I hope Amoo's life is nice out there in London.

I wanted to inform you that i have got a job as a Jr Business Analyst in XXX subsidiary of Thomson Reuters. I am writing this to you because you were my first boss in the IT sector and have really understood, supported and helped me very well. As a first boss you really made a nice impression on me and u really made me feel important for what work i did. You encouraged me as well.I am saying this becauseI felt like sharing this to you from the bottom of my heart.

Incase if you come anytime to XXX. Please let me know i will really like to meet you, chat up and show some parts of XXX. So Nzube take care and wish you all the best for you and your company.

May Amoo Venture Capital Advisory be successful in what its goals are

Keep In Touch.I am there on Whatsapp and Viber as well.

+12 34 56 78 910


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