Wednesday, 25 September 2013

SEIS/EIS Funding: How to ensure you are eligible for these funding initiatives

‘Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme’ (SEIS) and ‘Enterprise Investment Scheme’ (EIS) are a series of EU regulated initiatives aimed at incentivising investment into start-up ventures, through numerous tax breaks and other benefits.

On Tuesday 17th September, Sue Crawford and Adrian Jones of Wiggin LLP held a fascinating on SEIS/EIS financing initiatives. They explained the key aspects of both schemes, and highlighted basic requirements and key watch outs for any investor looking to use these types of funding. The pitfalls discussed were a particularly insightful aspect of the presentation with a large emphasis placed on share consideration and the requirement of full written documentation tracking cash payment of shares.  The investors’ ‘exit’ should also be tempered with caution; the start of the trade is considered as the day any shares are issued by the company.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Tech Trailblazers Awards extends entry deadline to 26th September 2013

Due to some exciting new partnerships and sponsors supporting the Tech Trailblazers Awards the entry deadline has been extended to the 26th September 2013.

As a result of some major new partners coming on board, we are offering entrants a collective prize pot (worth an estimated $50,000), that includes products and services to help startups with the new business and networking, PR and marketing, mentoring and investment tools that they need for success.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Building for Exit: Entrepreneurs' Guide to Grants, Getting Investment and Grasping the Law

by Dipam Patel, Analyst at Amoo Venture Capital Advisory

In any business, it is important to manage and mitigate risks and that is even more apparent for start-ups looking to grow and build towards a point where they can exit; it is a fight to the finish. Start-ups must use all the resources available to them including grants and investor networks combined with a thorough strategic plan right to the exit stage. Last nights’ event (#LegallyFunded), which was organised by NaviStar Legal, had specialist guest speakers in each of these fields who shared a lot of insight. Attendees questioned said they got a better understanding of these crucial aspects as well as how to create a roadmap to success.

Friday, 6 September 2013

August 2013 Updates

by Nzube Ufodike, MD at Amoo

We had a record period. In the last month, we signed letters of engagements with three (yes 3) new clients for advisory mandates. This is up from an average of 1 new advisory mandate every 6-8 weeks. We would like to thank a media company, a Spanish company, and a private wealth entrepreneur who each entrusted us with nurturing their projects with business planning, market entry and feasibility assessment reports respectively. 

Monday, 2 September 2013

LinkedIn: Give Us 'Feedback' !

by Nzube Ufodike, MD at Amoo, (edited by Dipam Patel, Analyst)

This morning I received a recommendation from a business associate that put a smile on my face. I advocate candid feedback from individuals and entities that one has come into contact with. Whether complimentary or otherwise, I strongly believe such information is an asset. The recipient can then decide if to use, bin or reframe this, thereby adding to ones' knowledge of self - more precisely, ones' knowledge of external perception of oneself.