Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Is A for Africa?

In August, we awoke to news that we had to learn the Alphabet. Well, not literately. Google co-founder Larry Page made a huge announcement about a corporate restructuring which would see Alphabet become the holding company of Google and several other companies within the Google family. 

The restructuring looks pretty seamless, appears well thought out,  and was explained to the public in simple ABC (the spectrum of puns that can be created with Alphabet are too juicy to pass up) and the public lapped it up.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fits.me is Acquired by Rakuten

Fits.me is a London based Estonian start-up. Fits.me was created with a vision to reinvent the wheel of online clothing retail, by making it easier for buyers to figure out what actually fits them before clicking to purchase apparel. Fits.me works as a virtual reality fitting system, where users are required to enter a set of their body measurements in order to pull up the correct images from Fits.me’s database, giving the user the ability to confirm, without ever stepping in store, that the clothing item to be purchased would be a perfect fit. The images are created by robotic mannequins that expand or contract to give thousands of body dimension permutations.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Pavegen Systems Smashes Crowdfunding Record

Pavegen was founded in 2009 as a start-up from Loughborough University and morphed into an innovative CleanTech company, with its headquarters in the London district of King’s Cross. They manufacture and develop innovative flooring technology that provides renewable electrical energy by converting kinetic energy from footsteps. The potential of this groundbreaking technology can be better appreciated when one imagines a smart city where our daily electrical appliances are powered by the collective footsteps of the public or where a concert is solely powered by the energy generated from the footsteps of the audience.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Partner Message: WCA Executive Investment Summit & CEO Forum 2015

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WCA "Executive" Investment Summit & CEO Forum 2015
"Africa Investors & Executive Game-Changers: CLOSING in 2015"
March 17-19 | Intercontinental Hotel Lagos

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